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Why Choir? - Music Ministry, August 2023

Choir is something that has been closely associated with God’s people for as long as anyone can remember. But why? The simple answer is that it is a Biblical practice, clearly established in some of the earliest patterns for regular worship. King David assigned singers to lead worship to the temple (2 Chron 5); there were singers in the time of the judges “reciting the victories of the Lord” (Judges 5); Nehemiah charged the singers with leading the procession to dedicate the rebuilt wall of Jerusalem (Neh 11), and the singers are even numbered separately in the listing of the returns from exile (Neh 7); the Psalms are full of commands to sing, and even specific pictures of singers leading in to worship (Ps 68).

Singing continued in the early Church. The Lord used prayer and the singing of Paul and Silas (who were singing hymns they had learned in their time with the people of God) to break open the gates of their prison (Acts 16). We are exhorted in Paul’s letters and by the writer of Hebrews and the Apostle James to sing to the Lord; with praise, with thankfulness in our hearts, in the Spirit, and the list goes on!

So a choir is not just a nice thing that we like to have around. Rather, it is an integral part of the Biblical picture of a full expression of worship of the one Holy God. I would encourage any of you who feel the call on your heart to join us in singing, in leading the people of God into worship each week on His day. Check the schedule above and come try it out. Let’s see what the Lord might do.

Blessings, Dan


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