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Resurrect the Ark
Capital Campaign

What's the Story...

Did you know that our newer church building was designed after Noah’s Ark? Next time you're in, look at the windows near the roof on each side the building!

Do you know the name of our first capital campaign in this church, which kicked off in March of 2006? “Cover The Ark” was an ambitious initiative with goals to replace the entire church roof, gutters and drains, and various other smaller projects. Our target was $250,000 and we reached it in 3 years.

How about the name of our second capital campaign? In January of 2013 “Renovate the Ark” eyed several major projects, including installing the elevator, sealing the parking lot, installing a brand new sound board and sound system, installing the glass wall which now divides the sanctuary from narthex, creation of the narthex coffee bar, new pew seat cushions in the little church, and directional signage. Our target was $375,000 and we reached it in 3 years.

Resurrect the Ark

In April 2023, we entered into our current capital campaign, “Resurrect the Ark”. With a target of $40,000 in 1.5 years, we hope to accomplish the following projects

  • replace furnace in manse

  • repair and seal parking lot

  • replace roof on rental trailer

  • repair wind damage on little church

  • replace seals in main church windows.

So What Do We Do?

You may find yourself wondering, how can we come up with the money? First, remember that God provides for His people. Second, know this: this is our church and it is our responsibility to keep it up - no one else will do it for us.


  • If each current giving unit were to add an additional $5 per week, the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks or a half of breakfast at Kelley's, we can pay this off in a year and a half.


  • If each giving unit would add $8.00 per week, we could pay it off in just ONE year.


On your physical giving envelopes is a space marked “ARK.” Please add your donation for this campaign in that spot.


You can click here to GIVE ONLINE. Please choose "Building Fund" from the list of options there.

Our church has been shining the light of Christ in our community and beyond for more than 185 years. Now we have an opportunity to help ensure that tradition of faithfulness continues to endure for generations yet to come. With God's help, we can do this together.

Thank you so much for your help!


The Session of SMPC

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