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Wait on the Lord - Children & Family Ministry, May 2024

Recently, I was introduced to the book When Church Stops Working: A Future for your Church Beyond More Money, Programs, and Innovation by Root and Bertrand. The book discusses the current cultural trends and speaks to the ever-growing thoughts/questions that circle in people’s minds: “Well, if we [our church] just had more money we could (fill in the blank)….if we added more programs then families would….” etc. The book’s main thesis asserts the need to push back the swirling thoughts and fear to listen to the softer quieter voice of God. Instead of rushing in with panic, the authors urge congregations to pause and wait. Wait. WAIT?!?! Waiting seems like “death” according to the authors, and to ourselves. Waiting doesn’t seem active. Waiting requires patience.

“Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31)

Waiting in prayer for the Lord’s vision and taking a step back to honestly assess the resources of the church is active. A full program of events feels vibrant, but a balanced program driven by the Lord’s timing is truly the key to a life-giving ministry. In my opinion (for whatever it’s worth), this church is vibrant. We are embracing people as they are, welcoming families, and meeting needs in our community, which, I believe, is the work which Jesus has called us to do. Messy Church has become an easy entrance (or reentrance) into worship. Families in need receive food through the backpack program. Children are embraced by “family”. Many Saxonburg residents have stepped foot into this space in the past year and received hospitality. It’s all about building a sense of community and deepening relationships with one another and God. Let’s take time now to see the church in its current state, count the blessings that we have, and live within out means as we wait on the Lord and respond accordingly. He is the One who is active and brings out vibrancy. We wait on you Lord and pray, “Come, Lord Jesus!”

Yours in Christ,

Carrie, Director of Children & Family Ministry


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